Cobalt Urban Garden

What was requested
The clients asked for: low maintenance (no lawn), a modern look, a water feature plus cobalt blue and pure white as colour themes. (The following year, the client asked that I do the front garden.)

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How it was achieved
First, the site was levelled, so that the garden did not slope toward the house. The pool for the water feature was fabricated by a company that normally makes kebab machines (at a much cheaper price than anticipated). The existing paving slabs were salvaged when it was discovered that their "wrong" side was much nicer than their "fake York" side; they were further enhanced with a power-wash. Small blue mosaic tiles are inlaid at the corners of some slabs, while blue glass chips were used to accent white gravel mulch.

Sleek, modern, made-to-order furniture combines stainless steel details with the required cobalt blue, while ceanothus, clematis, agapanthus and gentian provide the strong blues in the planting scheme.

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