Traditional Family Garden

What was requested
A young couple wanted a general tidy-up and replanting, plus suggestions for improving a large, raised area at the rear of the garden. In addition, there was to be space for a "Wendy" house and large expanses of lawn. The clients also asked that the spirit of the garden was not lost - they had known the previous, elderly occupant well and liked the "tumbley" effect of some of the existing planting.

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How it was achieved
The first area to be tackled was the raised area at the back which had three terraced beds in front of it, all held in place by a very loose stone wall, which presented a hazard to the clients' young children. Once these walls were stabilised, the beds were planted with three types of perennial geranium to spread the flowering season. The flat area behind was planted with two quince trees and an espaliered apple and cherry on the boundary walls, and has been used as a "stage" for the children's plays.

A picturesque "Wendy" house was chosen by the designer and clients. The existing lawn was partially re-laid, and most of the beds replanted working within a pastel colour scheme with dashes of strong purple and red. A central, broken urn was repaired and sited in a circular bed of lavender, doryncium and verbena.

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