'Mad' Cow Penthouse Terrace

What was requested
The client was a property company, working with Lorraine through an interior design group. Of the several hundred new flats in this huge development, only two penthouses remained to be sold - this one was to have a Sixties-style interior, using white as the main colour, with a dash of turquoise.

The interior design group had acquired the life-size fibreglass cow in a charity auction, and wanted it on the 100 sq. m. terrace.

How it was achieved
The fibreglass cow had been sprayed a pale turquoise colour, and needed a "field" to graze on. Ideally, this would have been composed of real grass with a sprinkling of wild flowers, but since maintenance was to be non-existent, we settled on the best quality, long, artificial grass.

For the perimeter planting, the interior designer requested glossy, white plastic containers in keeping with the Sixties theme of the interior. Due to the tight deadline, and awkward access to the 13th floor with no lift from the 12th floor, we had to work very hard to get 150 bags of soil and 18 huge Phyllostachys aurea in place, on time.

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