Minimalist Garden

What was requested
The clients asked for a minimalist, low maintenance, dog-friendly garden. They also wanted a large water feature. The new rear extension to their house was modern, with a paved terrace surrounded by stainless steel wire fencing.

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How it was achieved
Although the house was Victorian, the new kitchen extension updated the look of the back garden considerably. The design therefore needed to be simple and modern, with low-maintenance planting. First the site was levelled, then construction began on the long canal, which was to be fed by a raised cascade. The blockwork structures, canal and planting beds, were built, rendered, and then painted a warm stone colour. Finally, they were capped with stone to match that on the upper terrace, providing lots of low-level seating for large family parties.
Irrigation was installed and various bamboos were chosen to provide screening from the neighbours. The raised beds were planted with easy, vertical plants such as grasses, irises and agapanthus.

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