Modern Classical Garden

What was requested
Since this garden was my own garden, I had an open brief all I knew was that I wanted it to be a serene place. In addition, I hoped for a pond for frogs and water lilies, a potager and lavish planting everywhere.

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How it was achieved
I opted for a classical, symmetrical plan to emphasize the 60 length, and chose to divide it in two: at the far end, the potager or kitchen garden, and nearest the house beds on both sides with vertical planting. Horizontally-slatted trellising was chosen to additionally elongate the space.
And so, once the garden was cleared of a collapsing pergola, and some valuable plants saved, construction of the raised beds and the trellis along each boundary could begin. At the same time, the contractors started digging the formal pond, which handily yielded surprisingly deep topsoil for the base of the raised beds in the kitchen garden. Finally, once the pond was built, the edges could be capped in freshly-sawn York stone, which also was used to edge the flower beds.

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