Oriental Garden

What was requested
The clients asked for a herb garden, dining space, contemplation space, a blue-and mauve herbaceous border, a water feature incorporating moving water and a "source", plus an area to provide homes for fish, frogs, turtles and newts. They also requested plants which produce pleasing sounds when moved by wind.

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How it was achieved
The herb garden was placed near the kitchen and above a sunny dining terrace, which leads onto the blue-and-mauve herbaceous border through a bamboo arch. The 10m long canal ends in a small rill which falls into a deep pond, providing a home for the requested amphibians and fish. However, this water feature is obscured from the house by a hedge of bamboo, and screened from the garden studio by a taller hedge of black-stemmed bamboo, so that benches sited in this area are screened but surrounded by the sound of moving water and rustling leaves.

Note: This garden was featured in the magazine GARDENS ILLUSTRATED, April 1999, page 54

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